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Colts Neck is located within Monmouth County and is relatively close to the New Jersey Shore and within adequate distance to New York City whereas a significant number of the residents commute. Colts Neck is considered one of New Jersey’s wealthiest communities having a higher than average professional business class which occupy the many luxury homes throughout the township. Although the strict zoning laws have entitled the Preservation Committee to preserve a large portion of farmland, much of the original farmland has been developed with sprawling luxury homes, mansions and vast estates.

Colts Neck is an attractive place to live for many upper income families given its expansive open space feel and its proximity to Manhattan. There are quite a few notable celebrities that call Colts Neck home as well as New Jerseys own; Bruce Springsteen which owns the town’s largest equestrian farm in which he has built one of his NJ homes on. The property has been valued at over 10 million dollars and is reported to be where he recorded most of his album Nebraska.

The zoning ordinances mandated by the township have in large part restricted overdevelopment of national chain franchises from dominating the landscape. This approach has given the locally owned and operated businesses the chance to thrive in their market, however the surrounding townships allow for close and convenient access to malls and most other national amenities.

Though Colts Neck was once a successful farming community it has largely been known for its quantity of oversized horse farms, hence given it, its name Colts Neck back in 1962.

If your in search of a luxury home in an upscale neighborhood that is within reach of big city entertainment, yet has the quintessential charm of a small remote town of suburbia, then Colts Neck is likely to be a desirable choice for you.

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