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So your considering a career in real estate, well you’ve certainly come to the right place. For starters I’d like to say congratulations for taking the steps necessary to inquire about this incredible opportunity. A career in real estate can be very rewarding, however it requires self motivation, a strong work ethic and a bit of financial investment. Remember this is very much like starting and running your own business. There is no boss giving you instructions or projects to complete. You need to plan how and when you work and be sure to fulfill the tasks required on your own accord.

Some people may find that idea a little frightening, while there are others who get excited at the thought. So if you feel you are ready to take the bull by the horns and build your own business, be your own boss and determine your own work schedule, then continue reading.

In order to get started in real estate it requires that you take a Mandatory 75 Hour Course and pass your state exam. To get started you will need to find a school that offers the class and pay the fee to take the course, which usually runs around $450 Bucks.

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“To ignite your life you must focus on ONE Thing long enough for it to catch fire”.Gary Keller


Now here’s the good news; I could Offer You an Opportunity to Cut that Fee in Half, and as I stated before becoming a real estate agent is the equivalent to starting your own business, and every good and successful business person takes advantage of ways to save money and cut their overhead which affects their bottom line. Remember the old adage, “a dollar saved is a dollar earned”.

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